September book giveaway: Craig Arnold | Made Flesh

made flesh

Somehow I ended up with an extra copy of Made Flesh, Craig Arnold’s second book of poems, and decided to try something different: instead of listing it on PaperbackSwap (try this site if you haven’t yet; we sure need more good poetry books in circulation), I thought I’d reward a random person for their support of other artists and writers. Here’s the text of the FB post:

“. . . Tell me something you’ve done this month to help another writer or artist and I’ll put your name in the hat. One name will be drawn on Saturday morning, Sept 23. I’ll mail the book anywhere on the planet.”

So there wasn’t much of a response, but that just made the odds even better for the folks who did chime in. Congrats to Sam Pittman: your book is on the way!

I’ve decided to try this as a monthly giveaway. We’ll see how it goes.  

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