My name is Ron Mohring, and I’m a poet and the founding editor of Seven Kitchens Press. This blog was initially intended as a place to hold my private journal entries and poem drafts in a nice and quiet corner of the internet. Because I write in whatever notebook is at hand, any journal I pick up can jump wildly in terms of its chronology, and I started to realize that some organization might be needed in order to attain what I guess you’d call a wider view: this led to that. 

I’ve changed the blog title slightly because my second book, a project I worked on for over fifteen years, has always carried the same full title, and once it’s published (stay tuned) I want a way to differentiate between them–they are two separate projects.

If you want to poke around here, I think I’m okay with that, but much of the content, especially the older entries, are basically private journals. You might find quilt ideas or gardening notes right next to memories of finding someone dead. So there’s that.