Friday, 08.25:

Downstairs in the library: it’s very quiet, though I can hear someone quietly coughing one floor below me–the sound carries through a small atrium even though the door to that area is closed.

How often I intend to come here and write, but rarely do. I came to campus for my 1:30 appointment to learn how to use the overhead projector in McDonnell. After Tom (Carl, the tech guy) left, I tried to play a CD I’d brought along. It got stuck & I couldn’t retrieve it. Should have tried this while he was there. Sent him a long email, and I do hope I get my CD back.

By sheer luck I found an art text with a short article on Mapplethorpe–actually, on an artist who combined some of M’s photographs of black men with framed commentary by critics: an intertextual piece that might appeal to my Foundlings. I’m searching for more examples.

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