Sunday, 05.18:

Up a little early to typeset the new proof for Jeff—this based on the actual size of the printed cover art, and not on the proof corrections, which I have yet to receive (though he did indicate the other day via e-mail that he is working on them).

Line in my head: There will be acknowledgments.

Cold this morning. The cardinal climber vines, which looked so robust yesterday in their egg carton planter on the deck, appeared completely stricken when I let Sadie out. I considered bringing them back in, but I’m sure it’s too late. Wait for June, I tell P, and then we can plant morning glories. I fail to heed my own advice.

Friday, 05.30:

Stopped at Weaver’s after work and bought eight jalapeno plants (two 4-packs), two Monardas, and a red daylily. They had several varieties, none in bloom, some without tags. I know the tags are easy to lose or mix up and that I may or may not get what’s labeled. Still, I’m very happy to get a new daylily.