Friday, 05.02:

There’s a wonderful conversation over at Chelsea Station between Bryan Borland and Seth Pennington, the editors of Joy Exhaustible, the special edition of Assaracus featuring queer editors’ writings (which includes some of my poems).

Sunday, 05.18:

Up a little early to typeset the new proof for Jeff—this based on the actual size of the printed cover art, and not on the proof corrections, which I have yet to receive (though he did indicate the other day via e-mail that he is working on them).

Line in my head: There will be acknowledgments.

Cold this morning. The cardinal climber vines, which looked so robust yesterday in their egg carton planter on the deck, appeared completely stricken when I let Sadie out. I considered bringing them back in, but I’m sure it’s too late. Wait for June, I tell P, and then we can plant morning glories. I fail to heed my own advice.

Friday, 05.30:

Stopped at Weaver’s after work and bought eight jalapeno plants (two 4-packs), two Monardas, and a red daylily. They had several varieties, none in bloom, some without tags. I know the tags are easy to lose or mix up and that I may or may not get what’s labeled. Still, I’m very happy to get a new daylily.

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