Wednesday, 6 November:

Rough day at work: bad headache plus alarms going off repeatedly from the cell phone reset (which involves relocation of monitors and tablets) plus problems wit the cycle count (tablets) because S hadn’t tagged them though I’ve repeatedly requested this. I was so ready to just walk out, and said so to JC, who had his own complaints about S. At one point I was helping JC look for black shelving that S claimed I had thrown out. It turns out (we called) the shelves had never been sent to our store; they’re expediting this  and meanwhile we’ll set out some “coming soon” tags. S, by the way, never apologized for lying about telling everyone I threw the shelves away. Why would he? He is, as MR says, a putz.

E posted on FB this morning that there were six previously unpublished Larry Levis poems up at Blackbird. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet; I should probably savor them slowly.

I need to scan the few mss that came in by mail and get the whole batch off to E by the end of the month. His last communication indicated that he wanted to send a donation to the press in November, when he “gets paid next.” Not sure if that will happen, or when, or how much we’re talking about; it’s not the sort of thing one asks.

Called R, who said that another check I’m expecting is not in today’s mail. I could really use it now. It’s going to be hard to float this day trip to State College tonight with absolutely no money to spare. I’m taking along ten copies of Will’s chapbook to tie (and hopefully sell), and I’ll be taking orders for Dave’s chap, too, though I can’t imagine there’ll be a demand beyond the twenty or so I’m taking along for him (plus five for Steve).

So. Left work early to go eat something (had no lunch break), but I need to get going. R may go along to State College, though the money is crazy tight. If I knew this other check was on the way, it’d free up the $80 I have set aside for a bill payment on the 8th.

Money: I hate it.

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