Tuesday, 4.08:

Grading papers at the dining table and listening to my Yahoo music station. Every so often it plays a great song (“My Little Town”).

The truck has been acting up again; last night R was unbelievably upset (at me, for never getting the Saturn up and running, but overwhelmed at the crisis as well). Today he went down to Selinsgrove (in a rental car) to take out an $800 loan. Buck’s had determined that the truck needed a new radiator and water pump and two universal joints; their estimate was over $600.

This right before I have to pay almost $600 in taxes. On the plus side, I did hear back from HR that I’d be getting a check in May, and one on June 30 as well. (Relief!)

Thursday, 4.10:

books donated to the Lycoming library:

  • Thomas Avena, Dream of Order
  • Gillian Conoley, Beckon
  • Deborah Greger, Off-Season at the Edge of the World
  • Brenda Hillman, Death Tractates
  • Michael J Rosen, A Drink at the Mirage
  • Rosen, Traveling in Notions
  • Clare Rossini, Winter Morning with Crow
  • Stephen Sandy, Black Box
  • Alan Shapiro, Mixed Company
  • Joe Wenderoth, Disfortune

Saturday, 4.12:

Fly away, little bird 
anyplace in this open-mouthed world

: : Emily Saliers


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