Sunday, 03.05:

Lebanon Quilt Show w/Mom.

Monday, 03.06:

Blown wrong side out: all those umbrellas after the storm. I wanted to photograph them. Whenever I see an abandoned umbrella I still frame it in my mind.

Monday, 03.13:

Cider House Rules w/R, 12:00.

Monday, 03.27:

Letter today from Alice James Books re: the Beatrice Hawley winner. My manuscript is out in one more competition, as far as I can remember. Need to decide whether to send it out again.

R’s quilt arrived today. He says he likes it.

Late last night R woke me—a severe thunderstorm was headed toward Clarksville at 35 mph and the weather radio was advising people to take shelter. Lots of strong lightning, some hail. My first real storm here. It was over very quickly.

Tuesday, 03.28:

floating title: Dumb Supper.

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