Monday, 09.27:


Just wanted to publicly thank Amanda Auchter over at Pebble Lake Review for accepting three new poems a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been overwhelmingly focused on preparations for the Pittsburgh Small Press Festival (which went really well) and on getting Gabe Welsch’s chapbookout on schedule (which we did) and now, after a good night’s sleep and a rainy day spent organizing and assessing what needs my attention next, I realize I hadn’t shared that very good news.

Wednesday, 09.29:

Garden catalogs

Now that I’ve imported my (few) posts from my garden blog into this one, all that remains before deleting The Rusty Dibbler is importing the few links I’ve saved to garden catalogs. So here’s that list:

. . . And that’s it, short and sweet. I liked the idea of trying a separate garden blog, but it just makes more sense to post about gardening (and quilting and everything else) in the same place. Hope your autumn gardens are bountiful.

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