[letter from KH, Trumbull CT, 09.12]

Dear David and Ron,

I am writing in answer to your note in the Seed Swap of National Gardening Magazine.

I am sending seeds of hemerocallis—the seeds are from what I believe to be a hybrid of a clear cantaloupe color. Since hybrids are not true to seed it will be a surprise as far as flower color—I have been “de-hybridizing” many plants over the years and find it interesting to see what was crossed with what.

Also sending seeds of borage, an annual herb. The flowers and leaves are edible and have a mild cucumber smell. The blue flowers are great in a tossed salad—I don’t find them to have much of a taste, but they make up for it in color.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to propagate the hemerocallis—this is the first year I’ve saved its seed. The borage is easy to grow either outside as soon as the ground can be worked or started indoors. It likes full sun and is rather drought tolerant.

Would you please send me seeds of black eyed Susan vine and Thai basil.

Thank you,

Kim H


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