Wednesday, 01.09:

Phoned Eduardo yesterday evening to discuss the Arroyo manuscripts. He’s hard to understand on the phone—talks very quickly, and the phone connection wasn’t great. His top choices and mine didn’t match up initially, so we agreed on nine finalists to re-read and discuss on Saturday.

He offered (again) to fund the publication of both chapbooks. This time I gratefully accepted.

Sitting in my car in the parking lot after work. Del mentioned that he had a Friday interview at Jo Ann Fabric and that one of our former managers was the manager there. I think it’s Lee. I’m thinking about putting in an application for part-time work. Wondering how Randy would feel (more left out than ever?) but we need the money.

It’s frustrating that when I put time and effort into the press, which also brings in much-needed money, R feels ignored. But if I were to take on a second job, working outside the house, I don’t think he’d have the same objections.

Nearly four. Time to head home. R was planning to have company, so I am trying to give him time to play. I am glad he’s getting attention: Mike, Brent, also the guy who works on an oil rig, plus the guy (Steven?) in Harrisburg who wants him to come down and spend the night.

The only person I’ve been interested in is Miles, and he’s three hours away and has found a boyfriend.

Randy said this past weekend (Saturday?) that he didn’t want to move with me, wanted instead to try Harrisburg. On Sunday I had coffee (tea) with Paula and we talked about possibly renting half the house she and Jeff are buying. She texted me on Sunday to ask if we wanted to look at the house this Saturday. I didn’t know what to tell her. Finally R said he was willing to move into their house—to consider it—but not unless we got rid of a lot of stuff. So all that is to be done as quickly as we (I) can, on top pf the stress of big changes at work, being months behind with the press, and trying to figure out whether I might manage a second job.


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