Wednesday, 06.28:

Deborah Digges: “I thought I could grow old in this house.”

Thursday, 06.29:

I am made stupid by chemistry.

title: Questions for God.

[postcard to RB: Historic covered bridge, West Arlington, Vermont]

today I am wearing your white shirt
and wish you were here to peel it
slowly off me.  

We are having continual weather. 

My itch is bearable but I want

Catch me if you can.


Friday, 06.30:

Does the acceptance of the powerlessness of language to stop time create/ allow another kind of power for the poet?

bare. cornea. they asked for your corneas.
it was all that hadn’t been touched by your blood.

the rescue worker surfacing with
a child–his wild, urgent eyes–
the woman had thrown her four children
from the bridge before leaping herself . . . 


“It has taken all my strength to do this.”

“past believing that love will heal what language fails to know . . .”

his body knows what it must do
he is lifting away from it

Rich: “It will not be simple.”

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