Wednesday, 05.03:

Just talked with R online and agreed that Sadie and I would head back home around 2:00 and hope the parking lot is finished. I’ve accomplished a lot of gardening in two days, but my hands are pretty sore & numb today.

Just this moment I saw a hummingbird at the feeder. I asked Mom on Monday whether it was time to put the feeder out again. So good to see the hummers are back.

S is in Chicago today and Mom & Dad are taking care of her pets. Yesterday I showed S my new poem, “Windows,” and she liked it. Mom asked, “Do I get to read it?” I had planned to show it to her but was glad she asked. Mom aid it was one of the best poems I’ve done, and that she could see there were “two parts working together.”

After dinner yesterday I took the huge wheelbarrow up the driveway and continued pruning and thinning the overgrown garden. Mom & Dad walked up the drive to see what all I had done, the way they used to twenty years ago. Same garden. It will take a lot of work to renew it, but the roses along the new fence are going to look great.

Wednesday, 05.10:

Dream: In a cavern with several other people, some older, some younger, at least one small child. There are rubies and other precious stones in matrix shining from huge slabs of rock, and more crystals lying on the ground or half-buried but easily tugged free. Several of us are picking them up, filling our pockets. In one tight crevice I see six large ruby crystals jutting in parallel formation from a large slab of rock. Three of us move aside a large rock covering this, and the others hold it from toppling back while I squeeze down into the crevice to remove one of the large red ruby crystals. It’s so large my hand doesn’t fit all the way around it. Then I climb up and hold the rock from falling while someone else, a woman, climbs down.

A crude desk made from crates, with drawers. I open the drawers and lift aside canvas tarps to find crystals of every size and color, including tiny diamonds, and I start filling my pockets.

There is a small child, and he has wandered into the river which runs through this cave. His parents are panicked because his body temperature is so cold and he is listless and unresponsive. The father–he looks like Ben– removes all his clothing and tells his wife to do the same, that they will lie together on the ground with the boy between them to warm him. I say, Let me try. I take the boy into my lap and bow to him, my hands pressed together. The woman asks what I am doing and R, who is suddenly there behind me, tells her I have been trained in Reiki. I cup my hands and place them on the boy, who I hold so he is facing away from me, and start singing to him quietly under my breath. My hands get incredibly warm and the warmth spreads into his body—he wakes and turns his head toward me, tries to nuzzle against me. When he is almost fully conscious I hand him to the parents–

Sunday morning early, 05.14:

051400_hexagon patternsPast midnight at Mom & Dad’s house. I’ve been up sewing; Mom is quilting the baby quilt she’s making for someone (Allison?). I brought along a piece of muslin and pressed it this afternoon, marked and cut about 60 blocks. Sewed four blocks for a new strip in my Cathedral Window quilt.

We bought roses today at Home Depot, the smaller ones in bags, priced $2.44 each. When we rang them up, they were on sale for $1 each. We got eight. I wish we had room for a dozen more.

Mom has a small, old flower garden quilt on the guest bed. Very small pieces. I would love to make a paper-pieced quilt someday.

Tuesday, 05.30:

Received Bucknell contract.


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