Friday, 04.06:

I called off again today, the second day in a row after being off Wednesday and after struggling to stand and walk on Tuesday when I thought my back had been improving. It’s not. The pain is constant and bending to reach for anything spikes into excruciating, unbearable spasms. Today, T put my socks on for me—I asked him for help. We were going out for breakfast before he had to head out to work. He said why go out if my back was hurting; I said I need to know if I can navigate the stairs; I need to know if I can get in and out of the car because I am most likely going to have to return to work in this condition.

Scheduled off tomorrow, a vacation day I had planned so we could attend a small press event here in town, though I doubt right now that we’ll be able to do it. And I’m off Sunday, but I know I am scheduled to close on Monday. I’m frightened: my back has never hurt this much for this long.